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Monthly Archives: February 2018

  • It's International Correspondence Writing Month

    February is International Correspondence Writing Month, also known as InCoWriMo - the concept is this “send a handwritten letter, card or note to someone every day for the month of February. It doesn’t have to be a novel or even news, it’s entirely up to you what you write.”

    Even if you don't think you'd be able to stick to writing a letter every day, we love the idea of putting more time into writing. Putting pen to paper and physically posting or sending a letter somewhere feels much more personal when you sit down and let the words flow out. We wanted to share some of our favourite posts on this writing challenge and letter writing in general.

    Jemma from wrote an ode to the lost art of letter writing and we felt it really hits the nail on the head - there's nothing quite so special than receiving a letter, especially in this digital age of social media, quick texts and short communication.

    Image of Calligraphy Dip Pen Set with Envelopes Photo by Jemma at

    Willow from The Gratitude Journal has written a post about InCoWriMo and we absolutely loved her focus on being thankful

    When I think about the kinds of things I'd go to such lengths to say, "thank you" is the first that comes to mind.

    We love the focus on saying Thank You. Remember back to the last time you genuinely thanked someone - it's longer than you'd like, right? Willow has a few words of wisdom for those thinking about picking up a pen for Correspondance Month.

    Keep in mind these letters don't have to be lengthy or grand. They can be short, cute, silly, or anything you want them to be. What matters is that you write, and give, and (hopefully) make someone's day in the process.

    Check out her post for some great ideas of who you can write to.

    Lady Writes on paper with a fountain pen Photo by Willow at TheGratitudeLog

    We also come up with some ideas and prompts for you;

    Our Top Ten Ideas for InCoWriMo;

    1. Write to an old friend and share your favourite memory of you both together
    2. Write a postcard to someone from - a worldwide postcard sharing site
    3. Write a quick appreciation note to your favourite person
    4. Buy a postcard from your city and send it to someone who moved away detailing exciting new things in the local area
    5. Send a 'positivity pack' with some stickers and pop uplifting handwritten quotes inside to a friend
    6. Pick up a fountain pen and send a pen pal letter to someone from the Fountain Pen Pals Reddit group
    7. Write a note to a co-worker to say thanks for something they did for you recently
    8. Send a birthday card to a friend and pop in a letter letting them know why they're awesome
    9. A letter of appreciation to the owner or assistant at your favourite shop
    10. Spread some love through More Love Letters and leave an anonymous letter for someone to find

    10 Letter Writing PromptsIf you're looking for some writing supplies to begin your letter writing journey, now is the time! Get 15% off with code CAL15 on all products within our Calligraphy range and it's subcategories

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  • The Parker Duofold 2018 Limited Edition 'The Craft Of Travelling' Fountain Pen - Designed In Homage To George S. Parker

    Since 1888 Parker have been creating writing instruments that demonstrate outstanding craftsmanship and innovation and for this 130th Anniversary in 2018, they have created a stunning, Parker limited edition fountain pen.

    Created in homage to founder George S. Parker, the eye-catching pen is limited to 1,300 pieces and encompasses the passion that Parker had to travel and explore the world.

    Frequently beginning his journey by crossing the Atlantic to Europe, Parker then moved continuously towards to the Far East where he often found inspiration in China and Japan. He commonly travelled to China where he purchased traditional iron paintings in Wuhu, in the Anhui province. In Japan in the 1920s his imagination and creativity took a vase he found and gave birth to the Mandarin Yellow Duofold colorway, a pen which was recreated in 2013 for Parker’s 125th anniversary.

    The influence of travel on Parker's designs are clear to see and so the aptly named Duofold The Craft of Travelling fountain pen is the perfect way to celebrate this special anniversary.

    Limited Edition Duofold, The Craft of Travelling

    Parker Pen Limited Edition, Parker Duofold Fountain Pen

    Every detail hints towards his passion for travelling, from the bi-colour nib that features an image of a compass to the pen box that replicates a vintage suitcase, complete with PU tag that shows Parker's initials based on his signature.

    The striking blue and gold pen has a brass body with a deep, sea-blue varnish and lasered gold-line detailed map, solid gold 18-karat nib, gold-plated details with a 3 µ minimum and to top it off a 2 ct Lapis Lazuli Jewel that represents the seas that George S. Parker so often travelled. The semi-precious Lapis Lazuli stone has been delicately selected by the pen maker and so each one will be unique in design meaning every pen is different from the next in one small way.

    Up on the pen cap we also find the engraving "Parker 130 Years Around The World", a small sentence in honour of Parker's pioneer vision to travel the world. The 22 components of this unique writing instrument are all manually assembled in Nantes, France.

    To house and display this new addition to Parkers limited edition fountain pens, we need an equally stunning box that captures the essence of the pen.

    Designed to look like a vintage suitcase, this royal blue box is accented by silver details and PU latches and luggage tag. The map found in the lid highlights all of the cities visited by Parker and the box comes complete with a holder to store the treasured item and an ink bottle with dedicated label. The top of the box also bears the linished Parker logo to finish off this Parker Duofold pen.

    Limited to only 1300 pieces, this pen has an RRP of £2600 and would be a wonderful addition to a special pen collection whether you have a love for Parker writing instruments or a passion for travelling, just like George S. Parker.

    Parker Limited Edition Fountain Pens

    To enquire about this item please give our friendly team an email at or call us on 0203 371 0226.



  • 10 Quotes About Love & Friendship To Get You In The Valentines Mood

    The shops are filled with heart-shaped balloons and gifts, and everywhere you look you see red, pink and white coloured cards ready to be written in and handed to our other halves.

    According to GlobalData, in 2017 more than 80% of us thought that Valentine's Day had become too commercial and over 50% thought the day was a waste of money, it seems like a lot of us aren't feeling very romantic or loving at all.

    To bring back some meaning to this day we have compliled a short list of 10 quotes about love and friendship that are sure to give you that loving feeling. Whether you have a significant other, or just want to celebrate the love you have for your friends, pets or family, we hope these quotes bring a little love to your day!

    Valentines Day, Romatic Quotes, Love Quotes

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    William Shakespeare Quotes, Friendship Quotes, Galentines, Valentines A. A. Milne Quotes, Winnie The Pooh, Valentines Day Quotes

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