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  • New Visconti pens have just arrived

    For all the Visconti pen lovers out there we have some new additions that we are sure you are going to love.

    Say hello to two new Visconti Limited Editions, the Speakeasy and the Rainbow and a new collection that has given 2003 Opera pens a modern, metallic look, the Opera Metals collection.

    If you long to own something truly unique then there is no greater feeling than purchasing your first Limited Edition Visconti pen, making both the Visconti Speakeasy and Rainbow fountain pens an investment that you can enjoy for many years.

    The Speakeasy fountain pen is a red and blue coloured pen that gives homage to a period of rebellion and indulgence in 1920's America and Canada.

    The SpeakeasyA speakeasy was a somewhat code word for a place that secretly sold alcohol during the prohibition period, so named because you were not to talk too quickly or act nervously in case you arose the suspicion of law officials or the government. Passwords were often needed for access into a speakeasy and alcohol was given code names such as 'horse liniment' and 'coffin varnish' to keep the activities going on inside a secret.

    To incorporate this period of history into a pen, Visconti have crafted an attractive and classic looking pen but it also hides a secret of its own as within the pen is a hidden sanitised compartment which perfectly fits a shot of your favourite alcohol. A small window in the pen can also be revealed which lets the user know which alcohol is kept within the pen, a perfect gift idea for someone who loves luxury crafted pens and the odd tipple.

    The Speakeasy pen comes in a Visconti gift box along with a red hip flask that compliments the pen and completes the gift set.

    Visconti Speakeasy Fountain Pen with Liquor Stash Visconti Speakeasy Fountain Pen

    Speakeasy gift set

    Our next Limited Edition is the Rainbow fountain pen, part of Visconti's "Millenium Arc" collection.

    This stunning, iridescent pen showcases seven bright colours of the rainbow that all glisten in the light and are accompanied by a slick palladium trim.

    This pen is equipped with Visconti's advanced crescent filling system, so to refill your ink level you simply press the crescent mechanism on the barrel and when it is released, ink will be sucked from the bottle into the inner sac of the pen and you are ready to write.

    Rainbow open

    Both the crescent mechanism and the clip are arc shaped signifying the unity of the arc of history with the arc of time, this combined arc representing the continuity of time from the past to the future. A universal message that without our past there is no future as nothing can be created, nothing can be destroyed and what goes around comes back around.

    Finally we have Visconti's Opera Metals collection, a 2015 twist on a 2003 design.

    Opera MetalsThis new Opera design was created with the idea of combining the square and the circle which has resulted in a pen that is ergonomically shaped and perfect for comfortable writing. The unique squaring of the circle design of the pen is symbolic of the two laws which created and which preserve the universe: movement and stability.

    Made from anodized coloured avional, a strong aluminium alloy used in aeronautics for lightweight but highly stressed parts, this Opera Metal collection is available in four sleek finishes. Monza - a black design highlighted with cool red trim, Roadster - black with a yellow trim, Silver Shadow - silver with graphite trim and Speedboat - silver with vibrant blue trim.

    This new take on the iconic Opera collection is eye-catching, bold and perfect for the modern writer, available as both a Rollerball and a Fountain pen.

     To shop all of our Visconti pens including these new additions, simply click here.

  • Christmas gift guide

    The festive season is nearly upon us and we can't help but think of the nightmare of fighting through shopping centres in order to find the perfect gift for our loved ones. Not an ideal picture is it?

    Here at Executive Pens Direct we want to make your life easier this December so we have some stunning gift sets that will make wonderful Christmas gifts for any pen lovers.

    Our first two gift sets are ideal for those who enjoy the luxurious Parker Sonnet and Ingenuity ranges, one of the most iconic and well-known pen manufacturers of the 21st century.

    The Ingenuity range is forward thinking with its flexible nib for smooth, fluid writing and a thing of beauty with intricate details and design incorporated into each pen. To compliment your Ingenuity we have this stunning note book gift set.

    Ingenuity setPerfectly petite this notebook is great for note-taking, drawing and journaling on the go meaning wherever you find yourself, if inspiration hits you'll be able to jot down all of those great ideas.

    Here are a few of our suggestions if you aren't sure which Ingenuity is the right colour match for this set. To shop the full Ingenuity collection simply click here.

    Slim Taupe and Pink Gold Small Brown Rubber with Pink Gold Small Pink Gold with Chrome Trim

    An ever popular classic for Parker, the Sonnet collection was relaunched in 2008 with modern designs, new colours and stylish finishes. The Sonnet is the ideal business gift as well as an excellent everyday pen to own and most of this collection are engravable making them special, bespoke Christmas gifts that can be cherished for years to come.

    To showcase your Sonnet in style we are offering a Parker pen pouch gift set to house your new pen and prevent it getting scratched or damaged whilst in your bag. Click here to view our full range of Parker Sonnets.

    Sonnet Pen PouchBoth of these gift sets are embossed on the top giving them a high quality feel and the gold detailing gives an edge of luxury and splendour, the inside of the box is soft reflecting the care Parker take in producing their high-quality, elegant pens. Opening one of these gift boxes on Christmas day is sure to bring joy to any writer or Parker enthusiast.

    For the Fountain pen aficionados among us we have another gift set sure to thrill at Christmas. With every Waterman fountain pen purchased we have a pen pouch set that will compliment your purchase perfectly.

    In existence since 1884, Waterman pens are said to be the epitome of class and style and to showcase their stunning fountain pen collection is this Waterman Christmas gift set.

    Waterman gift setThe blue of the gift box is recognizable as Waterman's signature colour and the combination of gold and blue looks opulent and expensive. Waterman themselves say the box is full of French savoir faire and that the stylish accessories create a more emotional gifting experience that enhances the reveal moment.

    We think all of the classic and stylish Waterman fountain pens would look at home in this gift box, so shop our collection and find your favourite.

  • The Q1 by Montegrappa - A Pen for the 21st Century

    Launched in 2015 after two years of research and the patenting of its innovative design, the Montegrappa Q1 is a pen for the 21st Century combining practicality and toughness with luxury and high-quality construction.

    Montegrappa Q1

    Part of Montegrappa's Cult Collection and the first pen of its kind, the Q1 has the ability to hold four ink cartridges at once for the freedom of being able to change colours whenever you want. A clever syringe device designed to clean the feeder with water makes sure that ink colours don't blend but many people who have already used the pen say it is quite enjoyable to watch one colour slowly turn into the other going from, for example, blue to purple and then into red.


    The mechanism that changes the ink colour is not dissimilar from a bullet cylinder in a gun and it is that technology that is the subject of a registered industrial patent.

    With only 100 pieces available, the Q1 is a truly limited edition writing instrument with a price tag that matches. Retailing at £6,620 this is a pen for a true fountain pen aficionado or someone who admires the Montegrappa name and legacy. The Q1's box is as decadent and limited addition as the pen itself being made from wood and lined with soft material to protect its contents. The set comes with several accessories including auxiliary hardware for its continued maintenance: a pair of gloves, a set of tissues and spare ink cartridges.

    The Q1 is an instrument that defines fusion, with its barrel made from strong titanium and its cap made from titanium and Montegrappa's fine Italian leather. The internal part of the pen is filled with stainless steel yet the pens tip remains traditional with an 18k nib and filigree Montegrappa logo.


    The video below shows the Q1 in detail as well as explaining how to clean the pen between changing colours.

    As well as the Q1 we have a range of Montegrappa pens from a variety of ranges, including their extremely popular DC range of comic book characters.

    If you are interested in purchasing the Q1 and want to find out more simply get in touch with us by sending an email to or giving us a call at 0203 371 0226.

  • The World of Koh-I-Noor

    Koh-I-Noor Hardtmuth may be a new addition to our shop but they are one of the world leaders in the production of stationery for home, office and school.


    Named after one of the crown jewels and the largest diamond in the world in its time, Koh-I-Noor was founded in Vienna in 1790 by Josef Hardtmuth. Predominantly a producer of graphite leads and pencils, the company received many awards at world exhibitions in New York, Paris, London, Vienna and Milan.

    Their extensive catalogue contains more than 4,500 products including things such as paints, crayons, pencils, pens and other stationary items including this quirky hedgehog pencil holder which is available to buy here.

    9960M00001KK 9960M00001KK_2

    In our selection of Koh-I-Noor products there is something for everyone whether you enjoy colouring in, love drawing or need a specific grade lead for your work.

    If you draw at work or at home and are looking to add a little colour then why not try a Koh-I-Noor pencil set?

    The Mechanical Versatil Soft Pencil set comes with one Versatil Soft 5.6mm clutch pencil and five bright coloured leads in Blue, Yellow, Red, Green and Orange. The packaging is a tidy plastic case, perfect for putting in your bag and taking with you wherever you go.  Despite being a larger clutch pencil this product is not heavy and has a matte soft-grip body giving it a tidy finish.


    We even offer various 5.6mm leads to fit this pencil, you can find these in our refill section.

    If you would like more than one pencil, this Mechanical Diamond 2mm pencil set would be more suitable for your needs. The pencil casings match the lead colour making it easy to find the colour you want to use, the pencils also come in a distinctive metal case with an eraser for any mistakes.


    Both of these products, like the majority of our Koh-I-Noor pencils, come with integrated sharpeners so you never need to worry about having a blunt lead tip.

    For a little magic and excitement we also stock a range of Koh-I-Noor's Magic products which have colour changing lead! The magic comes from different coloured strips of lead being combined to create one unique, multi-coloured lead.

    4376000002PK_2                   3408024001PL

    These are just a few of our picks from our Koh-I-Noor products, to view the whole collection simply click here!


  • Which pen is for me? The lowdown on fountain, rollerball and ballpoint pens

    When it comes to choosing that upmarket and high end pen, the right tip does require a bit of thought.

    Over the years, pen manufacturers have introduced a variety of pens into the market, hoping to capture the imagination of the buying public with the next big trend in style, shape and colour. Pen designers appeal to the emotional aesthetics of the user, offering options that range from gold and platinum, to sterling silver, animal horn and exotic woods.

    Aesthetics such as these are great for style, look and feel, but what does matter most is the business end of the pen, the part of the pen that transfers the ideas in your mind onto the paper before you.

    Essentially there are three pen types, the fountain, the ballpoint and the rollerball but, which is best for you and how does one go about choosing?

    The fountain pen is the elder statesman and is the very epitome of elegance and refinement. Those who choose to write with one find their writing to be clean and measured. Almost no pressure is required to get the ink onto paper so it is ideal for those suffering from carpel tunnel or arthritis. A variety of ink colors can be used and they are perfect for any circumstance where penmanship counts! The fountain pen does however, require a bit more consideration in its use. Filling the pen with fresh ink and keeping the nib clean and serviceable takes time, effort and practice. It can however, be a totally pleasurable and alluring experience and part of the overall ambiance of these fabulous writing instruments.

    View our range of Parker fountain pens and other top brands such as Montegrappa, Diplomat and Watermen in our shop.

    Waterman fountain penThe first successful ballpoint pen was patented in 1938 by Lazlo Biro and today many still refer to any ballpoint pen as a ‘biro’. There are many advantages to ballpoint pens. The ink lasts for an incredibly long time (even years), dries quickly on the paper and does not bleed through the paper. They are practical and in most cases, disposable. Ballpoints are however limited in their application, they cannot write on wet or greasy surfaces, cannot be used upside down, sometimes take a while to get started, are limited in colour range and require greater applied pressure.

    We have a great range of ballpoints to choose from at Executive Pens Direct including popular Parker and Waterman ballpoint pen products.

    Parker Ballpoint Finally we come to the rollerball pen, the compromise. Rollerball pens were first introduced in the 1960’s and were quite revolutionary in that they offered the convenience of a ballpoint with the delivery in smoothness and clarity of a fountain pen. Ink is available in liquid or gel form allowing for a greater variety of colors. The downside is that they do not last as long as ballpoints and can leak if left uncapped, which won't do that designer shirt any good! Rollerball ink soaks quickly into the paper so there is a chance that it may bleed and soak through to the underlying page.

    Rollerballs are great gifts for if you want to give a special gift but don't want the hassle of a fountain pen. Browse our rollerball pens in our pen store today.

     Lamy Rollerball There you have it, the essential differences, pros and cons between the three. Choose wisely! Producing magic on paper requires your personal touch and style and the right writing instrument becomes a partner for life.

  • Fountain Pen Day 2015

    Calling all Fountain pen lovers and aficionados, get ready to celebrate Fountain Pen Day 2015!

    The countdown to Fountain Pen Day on 6th November has long begun and people all over the world are gearing up to celebrate the well-loved fountain pen. If you aren't a fountain pen user you might not know the beauty of using such a pen, so we have gathered some facts and information so that everyone can embrace and enjoy Fountain Pen Day.

    Fountain pen

    As well as being an elegant looking, fountain pens are perfect for beautifully smooth writing, cost effective, have the ability to add style and character to your handwriting, have variable nib sizes and cuts, allow for the use of a variety of inks in a spectrum of colours and if you write with a fountain pen you are embracing and ensuring a future for an item of history.

    Whether you buy vintage, modern, decorative or basic there is a fountain pen out there for everyone and it is never too late to begin a rewarding hobby of improving your handwriting and learning about this pillar of the writing world.

    To celebrate Fountain Pen Day we are offering 15% off our Fountain Pens from the 3rd-7th November, simply use the code: FOUNTAINPEN15.

    To see our Fountain pen range VIEW HERE. We have a great selection of Parker fountain pens and pens from other top brands.

    We also offer an engraving service for all of our pens. Engraved fountain pens are an excellent present idea for fountain pen enthusiasts.

    If you want to get involved, wherever you are, you can explore by visiting the Fountain Pen Day website where you can find celebrations near you, sponsors of FPD and ideas of how to celebrate.

    Simply click the logo below!

    FPD Logo



  • Our 2015 Halloween Competition Winners and their Entries

    Thanks to everyone for getting involved in our competition, here are the entries of our four runners-up and our final winner.

    Here in the office we looked at the blog and Facebook comments, picked our favourite five captions and then put these five entries into a hat to get our overall winner. We loved reading your entries and couldn't believe all of the captions we had so thanks for your wonderful participation, we hope you enjoy the finalists entries as much as we did!

    Our runners up

    "This is not quite what the owner had in mind when asking the dogs to 'play dead'." – Lynne Norris on the Blog

    "You should see what they did to the cat!" – Leanne West on Facebook

    "Ok! I agree, its a good way to get treats, but anyone thought of how we knock on the door!" – John Russell on Facebook

    "Dog on the far left- Wait wait i can't see i've gone blind. Dog on the far right- SIGH- There's always one!!!" – Stewart Millar on Facebook

    The Winner of the Fisher Space Bullet pen...

    Fisher Space Bullet"Howl we doing lads? If you can lift your bucket you haven't got enough! we are going for dragging it on the floor heavy! Now make with the puppy dog eyes and get begging!" – Eve Trelfa on the Blog.

  • Halloween Caption Competition News

    It's the 2nd of November, Halloween is over and so is our Halloween Caption Competition!


    We are thrilled with all of your entries so thank you to all of our readers for getting involved and making us laugh with all of your captions.

    Our top 5 entries have been chosen and all of these names will go into a hat to find the winner of the Fisher Space Bullet pen. We also have some prizes planned for our four runners up as we enjoyed reading their entries so much!

    We hope you all enjoyed your Halloween weekend and thanks again for all of your witty, Halloween themed captions on our photo.

    Stay tuned to find out if you were one of the lucky people in our top 5!

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