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  • Why Bother with a Personalised Pen?

    Pens make excellent gifts for any occasion, whether it's somebody who writes everyday at work or someone who enjoys writing in their spare time.

    They are also great gifts for special occasions and can be displayed, especially if they are given in a pen box or display case.

    If you do want to give a special pen for display, then make sure that the pen itself is a high quality gift that will look stunning in their home or office - like our Montegrappa pens or Visconti pens which are known for their high quality and amazing designs.

    Personalised pens make the gift much more personable and unique to each individual, giving them a writing tool that will remind them of the gifting occasion whenever they use it or whenever they see it on display.

    Personalised Parker

    A personalised pen can also be useful for personalised use, especially if you work in an environment where you write often and are surrounded by stationary. A personalised pen will make it clear to your colleagues that this is your pen which will prevent it being stolen or being used by colleagues.

    This is especially important if the pen was given to you as a gift for a special occasion and has sentimental value.

    If you want to personalise your pen then why not do something a little different than just a name? The personalisation can be related to the occasion, such as a wedding anniversary or birthday, and engraving a special date can be a unique way to remind them of the occasion.

    Personalised ParkersMany of our pens can be upgraded to personalised pens to add the extra special touch to any gift, browse our range of personalised pens at Executive Pens Direct to get some great deals on quality pens from brands such as Parker, Montegrappa and Waterman.

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