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  • Fountain Pens for Handwriting

    With the digital age in full swing, the practice of handwriting is on it's way to becoming something of an art form.

    With computers now part of everyday life and with even the NHS moving to digital notes, handwriting is becoming less of an everyday feature of working life.

    Fountain pens are a fantastic way to improve your handwriting and teach you how to write cursive, they are used in schools around the world to help children learn to write by teaching controlled motor movements.

    Fountain pen and paperThere are a whole range of pens that are designed for improving handwriting, some are thin with fast-flowing ink and some are chunkier to help with grip and positioning problems, choosing the correct pen is vital if you want to improve your writing.

    A fountain pen will help you maintain controlled movements, which you need to perform to keep the ink running smoothly across the page and to avoid blotting the paper. A common issue that affects writing is that we try to write at the speed we type, but carefully forming the letters takes time. By simply slowing down your writing speed you are likely to see your handwriting improve significantly.

    Doodling is another technique you can use to increase your pen control and as a result better your writing. Doodling - even absent-mindedly - will improve your dexterity and will allow you to become attuned to the pen's writing style, giving you better technique and control over the way the pen moves across the page.

    Practice makes perfect! Your handwriting has probably suffered because you rarely use it, but by writing more you will begin to recover the skills you learned as a child and your writing will improve. You don't have to write hundreds of words every day, but try to incorporate handwriting into daily life.

    Make notes at work by hand instead of in a word document, or write down your shopping list to take with you rather than adding it as a note on your smartphone. If you really get into the swing of it then you can keep a journal, or even start sending hand-written correspondence to friends and family instead of email.

    We have a range of leather journals to choose from that would be perfect places to practice your handwriting in.


    Once you have rediscovered your love of handwriting, you can choose from our range of quality pens including a great choice of fountain pens. Our Lamy fountain pens provide a great quality pen to write with, whilst our Parker fountain pens will give you a great pen for unbelievable value.


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