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  • Monteverde Pen Case for 36 Pens - A collectors dream

    Store your pen collection in a stunning Monteverde 36 Slot Pen Case!

    Monteverde 36 Pen Case

    Do you have an exclusive collection of pens? You love different sizes, bright colours, dark colours. You have a range of nib thicknesses and designs ranging from traditional to way out and funky. So Yes, you have a fabulous array!

    Are these quality pens all scattered at random around your desk, propped up in horrid old plastic containers or dumped into drawers? Some could be in your briefcase, others in your laptop case and a few in your gym bag. And don't forget the fountain pen that you cleaned last night is still lying in the kitchen sink.

    Now is the time to take stock and give your exclusive pens the TLC that they deserve.

    We offer this stunning Monteverde 36 Slot Pen Case as a perfect solution to your pen woes. It is designed to hold 36 pens in perfect comfort. Keep it on your writing desk and have all your pens in one place sorted and ordered to perfection.

    The Monteverde Pen Case is also lightweight and portable so your collection can accompany you where ever you go. Business or pleasure trips, you always need your pens close at hand.

    Monteverde 36 Pen Case

    One of our premium pen cases, the case features a smooth and elegant black outer cover crafted from a nylon fabric. The spine is padded with a leather look-alike trim in a lovely soft tan colour. A matching trim adorns the centre front offering a soft hand hold where you will open the case. Stylish neat rows of stitching add a classy finishing touch around the edges of the case and in a matching design around the trims.

    Open up the case and feel the soft luxurious black velour interior. When open, the case lies flat and reveals two sides compartments. Each one  offers two rows of single loop elastic bands waiting to hold your pens. Each row offers nine loops, giving you place for 36 pens in total.

    Monteverde 36 Pen Case

    The loops will hold slim pens like our stylish Monteverde Intima Neon Pink Fountain Pen and really thick chunky pens like our Monteverde Invincia Carbon Fibre & Rose Gold Ballpoint Pen

    The pens slip neatly into the bands and lie nestled on the soft interior. They won't touch, move around or scratch against one another. To add even more protection to your collection, a sturdy centre partition separates the two sides. The case closes securely and easily with a zipper that runs across the bottom, up the side and over the top. You can now feel perfectly content that all your special writing instruments are ready and waiting for you in one safe place.


    Unrivalled style and quality make this Monteverde 36 Pen Case a great gift for someone special or for yourself!





  • DC Comic Montegrappa Pens

    Montegrappa pens are known for their high quality as well as providing limited edition products, and their DC Comic range is the latest addition to their list of quality pens.

    Montegrappa DC Comics

    Everyone knows the DC characters that have been chosen to be a part of this selection of Montegrappa pens, including Batman and Superman as well as other favourites.

    Guiseppe Aquila, Montegrappa CEO, is a big fan of DC comics and wanted to create a limited edition range of pens commemorating the most popular characters in pen-form.

    The heroes on these Montegrappa pens are Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, Cat Woman and Wonder Women. There are also three Batman villains in the range: the Joker, the Penguin and the Riddler.

    Each pen has it's own unique design and a colour scheme that fits in with the image of the hero or villain. The Batman pen has a black lacquer barrel with an image of the Dark Knight on the pocket clip, along with the golden logo on the top of the cap.

    DC Comic Pens

    Wonder Woman has a red lacquer barrel whilst the cap is white starred on a blue background to match the colours of the American flag. It also has an impression of the heroine on the pocket clip.

    The villain's pens are where some of the best design is featured, with the Penguin's pen black lacquer with white pinstripes, sporting an impression of the Penguin brandishing his umbrella on the pocket clip.

    The Riddler's pen is green lacquer with black question mark detail all over the barrel and cap, featuring a golden question mark as a pocket clip with an impression of the riddle-man himself.

    With Montegrappa pens you can be sure that you will be receiving a high quality product that is made to the high specifications that Montegrappa as a brand has become well known for.

    These pens would make a great gift for a special occasion for any comic fan or a fan of the superhero genre.

    Montegrappa DC Comics

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