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  • When to Buy Corporate Gifts

    Deciding when to buy corporate gifts can be difficult, and even when you have decided on the occasion, thinking of corporate gift ideas is another headache entirely.


    As well as Christmas, when corporate gifts are common, there is also potential for Easter to be a gifting occasion if you have a client who celebrates Easter. Then there is Eid Mubarak and all the other religious holidays that you can give gifts on if you have a client or employee who celebrates them.

    Having a good rapport with your clients is one way to ensure that you know what they celebrate and what their values are, making it easier to figure out when a corporate gift is appropriate.

    This knowledge will also help you determine if there are any milestones that your client or the company has hit that would be an opportunity for corporate gifts. Perhaps the company has recorded it's highest ever sales figures over the last quarter, or they might have won a particularly big contract. Although giving corporate gifts on these occasions may not benefit your business directly, it will help your business relationship and will ensure you are at the forefront of the client's mind when they may require your services. A good idea for this kind of scenario may be some of the corporate gift ideas in our bar and drink section.


    As well as buying corporate gifts for your external clients and business relationships, you must also remember the staff who are working for you. Giving gifts to your staff, even corporate gifts, will improve morale and make them feel like they are valued, making them more likely to work harder and retain loyalty. Personalised Keyrings, pens with an employee's name on or even a Personalised Paperweight are great ideas for small staff gifts.

    personalised paperweight

    If you have a small team, then you can provide luxury corporate gifts on important occasions like their wedding or if they are expecting a child, you can even mark the standard occasions like birthdays and Christmas. Larger teams may mean that you cannot afford expensive corporate gifts for occasions other than Christmas and perhaps birthdays, but this will still be well received and will show you care.

    As well as occasions in the lives of your employees you can also use corporate gifts to celebrate business achievements with them. If a particular team have performed exceptionally well and surpassed their targets, reward them! By encouraging your employees to do well and creating healthy competition you will drive your business forward and make everyone strive to go above and beyond their targets. Something as simple as an engraved pen with their name on can make a big difference to staff morale and ultimately performance.


    Use luxury corporate gifts to offer rewards that will encourage your employees to work their hardest, poor quality gifts will encourage poor morale as the employees will become disinterested in working for a mediocre prize.

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