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  • Desk Gifts - Perfect Christmas Gifts

    With so many people working in office jobs these days, the need to make your own desk individual and put your personal stamp on it is becoming more and more important.

    Desk gifts are the perfect way to do this. With a thoughtful desk gift you can make someone's working day so much brighter, giving them something to focus their attention on and breaking up their working day.

    There are a great selection of fun desk accessories available, from interactive puzzles to vintage looking hole punchers and cool paperweights, there's no excuse to have a boring desk any more.

    Many of our paperweights are designed to make your personal space a little bit more interesting, with unusual products like an aeroplane paperweight and magnetic desk tidy or a VW Camper Van pen pot and paperweight. All of these paperweights will make great desk gifts for anyone in an office job.

    Many of our paperweights are Troika products, the luxury pen designer creating some amazing office desk gift ideas that will be sure to entertain even the stubbornest of colleagues. We have a great selection of Troika accessories to compliment their range of Troika pens which will make an ideal addition to your gift.

    If you are buying gifts for an executive, then our pen sets are a great desk decoration and will make brilliant desk gifts for any executive. There are a range of styles available including our carbon fibre geometry desk set, which can be engraved to make it an extra special gift.

    Desk gifts don't need to be limited to paperweights though and desk sets though, we have a stunning range of El Casco products who provide high quality vintage-style staplers and hole punchers at a great price. One popular version is our El Casco luxury stapler in black/chrome which makes a wonderful desk gift for anyone who has use for a stapler, allowing them to staple in style with this unique product.

    If time is of the essence, then why not consider a clock as a desk gift? The clocks in our selection of desk gifts are all made to extremely high quality, and we have some unique products to offer. Our world timer clock is very popular and can also be engraved to add an extra special message.

    We also have a fantastic range of letter openers, some of which are also Troika accessories, which will make an excellent addition to any executive's office. Most of these letter openers, and many of our office desk gift ideas, can be engraved to add a message to the gift and make it unique.

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