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  • Corporate Gifts: From a personalised keyring to letter openers

    As well as providing quality pens, we also have a fantastic selection of corporate gifts to choose from for all occasions.

    Giving a corporate gift is a perfect way to thank a company or person for their business or for whatever they have done to assist you. They are also good ways to curry favour amongst businesses to keep your company in the forefront of their minds.

    They are a useful way to ensure that business relations are good to allow you and your business to grow.

    The kind of corporate gift you give depends on the person you are giving it too. We have an excellent selection to choose from that will be perfect whatever gift you are looking for; whether you want leather journals or silver card cases.

    Corporate gifts can be engraved with either the recipient's name or the name of your company. Many choose to put the name of their company on the gifts to make sure that the recipient is reminded of the gesture whenever they use the gift.


    It is always a good idea to make sure that the gift you give is going to be useful to the person you give it to, so they can remember who it was who gave it to them. There is no use giving a money clip to someone who does not use one, as this will just be forgotten and will be a wasted gift.

    If you are giving a corporate gift, making it personal to them is a good way of making sure it is remembered. If they have a particular hobby it is a good idea to make your corporate gift relevant to that. A person who loves their cars may appreciate a steering wheel personalised keyring with their initials on. Someone who is a keen explorer or enjoys outdoor pursuits may appreciate a gift that has weather information on it such as a barometer.

    These are all things that should be considered when choosing a corporate gift to maximise the effect it has on the recipient.

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