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  • Leather Conference Folders: Great Business Tools and Gifts

    Looking the part for your business meeting is an important part of your working schedule, and it could be the difference between winning contracts or being promoted.

    Especially if meeting new clients or the bosses at your own workplace, appearances will be a factor in how you are viewed professionally. Leather conference folders are great ways to give a professional first impression.

    Leather conference folders will make you appear organised and will inspire confidence in whoever you are meeting with that you know what you are doing and have a professional conduct.

    Not only do leather conference folders look professional, they are about the most useful item a business person who has a lot of meetings can own. From a simple binder for making notes in to A4 conference folders with all the bells and whistles like card holders, filofax slots, pen holders, calculators and more, they are super versatile pieces of equipment.


    Zipped conference folders are handy if you have a lot of paperwork to take to meeting, like presentations or business cards to hand out, as the zip will keep them secure. A zipped folder is also handy for transporting sensitive information, even if you accidentally drop the folder in a busy place it won't come open and scatter your information everywhere.


    Why not add to your professional image with an A5 conference folder which can also double as a diary and personal organiser. This is a great idea for scheduling meetings and making sure you have a good grip on your availability.


    Leather conference folders make exceptional gifts for the hard working business person in your life. They make brilliant gifts to give from family and friends if they have just got a new job or a promotion as a way of acknowledging their success. Why not pair them with one of our Parker Pen sets to give a stunning gift that will be well received. You could even have the pen engraved as part of a complete gift package!

    Leather conference folders also make exceptional business gifts. Whether it's from a boss to an employee by means of congratulating them on a new client or for an occasion such as Christmas or a landmark birthday, it is a means of making sure they know that their efforts are noticed and rewarding them accordingly.

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