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  • Calligraphy - Dust off your calligraphy sets!

    Calligraphy is an art form that has been practised for thousands of years and dates back to Ancient Greece, but is this beautiful form of scribing in danger of becoming extinct in this digital age?

    Calligraphy comes from the Ancient Greek 'Kallos' meaning 'beauty' and 'graphẽ' meaning 'writing', and is the design or structure of lettering in one stroke, usually using a broad-tipped pen or a brush.

    It is a broad art form that can include anything from functional letters written with store-bought calligraphy sets, to works of art that use specialised tools to create beautiful images and works where the letters may not even be legible.


    Western calligraphy appeared in the form of Latin text in the Roman Empire, around 600BC and was widespread throughout the Empire's dominion. When the Empire fell, the writing style remained with each region developing it's own format according to the Monarch that ruled that area at the time.

    This was before the standardisation of language and was a time when two neighbouring regions of the same country could speak completely different and unique languages. This means that many of these preserved written works are illegible, but can be appreciated for their beauty nonetheless. In fact, many of the most popular calligraphy works in the world come from the hands of ancient Monarchs.

    Today, calligraphy is practised by many and is kept alive in the form of wedding invites, other formal invitations and official letters. Calligraphy even appears on birth certificates and death certificates, making it's mark in modern history.

    In the digital era calligraphy sets have been replaced with fonts and typefaces, but calligraphy still maintains a presence here. This can be found in fonts such as Edwardian Script and Kunstler Script.

    Calligraphy as a practical method of communication may be on the decline, but it stands firm as an art form in all areas of the world, being used often in China and the Far East and is still used in works of Islam in the form of Arabic calligraphy.

    So dust of your calligraphy sets and try your hand at this ancient, beautiful art form with Executive Pens Direct's stunning calligraphy sets range; we have everything from ink pots and blotters to wooden and pewter pen sets. For a more authentic letter writing experience, you could also buy a wax seal set to ensure your correspondence arrives unread!

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