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  • The Modern Pen - Changing what makes quality pens

    The hand-written word is suffering something of a steady decline in recent years. In the digital era it's difficult to find a cause to write anything of any importance down with a good old pen and paper any more.

    Little more than two decades ago, writing a letter to someone involved dedicating time and effort to writing with pen and paper. It wasn't possible to erase words or correct mistakes as easily as it is today with word processing.

    Communication in the 21st Century is very impersonal, to contact someone we now use text messaging as a preferred medium, most of the time using contracted words or slang to save as much time as possible as we go about our business. When we do write letters, they are all formed on digital paper with a range of fonts to choose from, sometimes they may be signed in person but this is a rarity.

    The pen too, is used less and less as a medium of communication, whether it's amongst businesses or personal relationships. The pen has had to adapt to find a place in the world of technology, one example of this is it's evolution into a 'stylus' for smartphones, which keeps the handwriting element of communication alive to a certain extent, but isn't the same as using ink and paper.

    Another example is the digital pen used in many Maternity units of the NHS. This pen keeps a record of what you have written in a patient's notes and stores it on an online database; thus streamlining the note-taking and note-storing process. If rolled out across the NHS as a whole, it could save thousands of staff hours replicating notes and free up more time for patient care.

    It's simply a ball-point pen with a small camera included, which recognises points on the letters and stores a digital version of the note. It is connected to a smartphone via bluetooth which then stores the digital note to be added to the patient's digital file. A perfect example of the pen adapting to the digital age.

    The pen is not done yet, there are many quality pens on the market that serve as multi-purpose tools, for example by adding a USB stick to the end of a pen to make it more practical for this day and age.

    For all the advances in technology and the way we work, there is still a place for the traditional luxury pen. The image of the banking executive with his fancy Mont Blanc pen, the calligrapher scratching away making place names for weddings, even the image of a journalist furiously scribbling shorthand on a pad at a news conference.

    All of these are timeless and are images that will endure along with quality pens, because for all the digital versions of the written word, there is something more organic, personal and romantic about the hand-written word.






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