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Monthly Archives: October 2013

  • Welcome to our pen blog!


    After high demand and interest from our loyal customers, Executive Pens Direct now have a place to share pen knowledge and enthusiasm online. Our aim is to keep our readers up to date with the latest pen, stationery and calligraphy news with some shopping advice thrown in for good measure. This blog will bring you all the latest information from top pen brands, along with advice and special offers.

    At Executive Pens Direct we take a strong personal interest in all areas of pen enthusiasm; from calligraphy, to collector’s items and corporate gifts. We always want our customers to get the most out of their purchases and we relish this opportunity to share impartial information and tips with our readers.

    There are many significant advantages to being an admirer of pens, advantages that stretch far beyond any aesthetic novelty or desktop decorating. Writing longhand with a charming fountain pen is not only more pleasant, but also more thoughtful than using more traditional, basic pens as using a great quality pen allows you to add a more unique slant on your personal script. Higher quality pens are also much more environmentally friendly as the same pen can be used for a lifetime, avoiding the bin where other, cheaper pens are disposed each year.

     As a luxury pen store, we offer an excellent selection of luxury pens, pen sets and corporate gifts; among which you can find a wide range of fountain pens, calligraphy sets and high quality refills. Our extensive range features popular brands such as Parker Pens, Visconti Pens, Waterman Pens, and Fisher Space Pens. We also have a great selection of corporate and promotional gifts. Our business range includes a variety of desk accessories and key rings.

     We are now also offering bespoke pen engraving so our customers can create meaningful and lasting tokens for family, friends and business associates.

    Engravable Parker Pens
    In recent years, more traditional styles of pen have become a niche, luxury item; a contemporary take on a classic icon. Whatever you may be looking for, with impartial advice from industry experts and pen aficionado’s, you’re sure to find quality advice, offers and products at Executive Pens Direct.

  • Pen Engraving

    An engraved pen is a classic, stylish and personal gift perfect for any occasion. Pens with engraved messages or names make meaningful and lasting gestures for family members, business associates and friends. A high quality pen with a bespoke pen engraving is an extremely special keepsake to commemorate any important occasion. Engraved pens can be customised in a variety of different ways making them ideal for any event; with huge choices in the style and design of pens, many assorted fonts and completely personalised messages.

     When choosing any gift quality is key. The Parker Pen Company is the most eminent and distinguished pen brand in the world. With a reputation for extremely high quality and stunning, practical design, Parker is the natural choice when looking for a tasteful and special gift. When a pen is engraved the personal message or logo chosen stays with the pen indefinitely, with no fading or wearing off. Added inscription to Parker Pens boosts the value of the item as well and increasing sentimental significance, as the item instantly becomes unique.

    Engraving a Parker Pen with a name or meaningful message instantly creates a personal and thoughtful gift for any wedding, birthday or graduation. It can sometimes be difficult to give a gift that is both thoughtful and classic, which is why a pen is an excellent choice for a timeless and practical gift. With a personal inscription, engraved pens represent important personal milestones and serve as a timeless reminder of the happy occasion they were gifted.

     Pens engraved with a company logo leave a strong and positive impression for corporate associates, while promotionally engraved Parker pens can be impressive commercial gifts and keepsakes. Engraved pens can be bought as promotional items to boost brand exposure or to thank clients or high-profile associates. Promotionally inscribed pens speak volumes for class and professionalism.

    Personalised pens vary from everyday Parker Fountain Pens to Ballpoint Pens and Parker Rollerball Pens, making them a versatile and useful gift for both adults and children. Class, durability and style make engraved pens a stylish and thoughtful gift for every important occasion.


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