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Napkin Forever Pencils

Forever by Napkin

Designed and created by Napkin and Sergio Mori, the Forever by Napkin range is an innovative one that combines elements from the both the pen and pencil to create a unique, innovative writing instrument. These everlasting inkless pens are crafted using a unique alloy, allowing you to continue writing indefinitely without the need for inks or refills.

These ethergraph pencils are inspired by Leonardo da Vinci who usually sketched his drawings with a silver tip stylus, and by using their Ethergraf® tip technology, Napkin have created a tool that creates pencil-like strokes that are as permanent as the marks of a pen. This technology works by oxidising the paper as the writing instrument makes contact with it, similar to a pencil depositing lead on the page, except the tip of Napkin tools erodes much slower than a pencil meaning your 'inkless' pencil can last an entire lifetime.

Napkin have also introduced us to the Perpetua pencil, a tool made from an innovative material called Zantech which consists of 80% recycled graphite and no wood casing, meaning no trees were harmed in the making. These pencils are also designed with one flat side meaning they won't roll off your table or drawing surface and even if you accidentally drop them they are very break resistant.

Whether you're a young student or a professional sketcher, there is a Forever by Napkin perpetual pencil to suit your style and drawing methods. Whichever Napkin 4 Ever Writing tool you choose, you're certain to have a high-quality writing instrument that will last a lifetime. Why not take at look at one of our favourites, the Napkin 4 Ever Pininfarina Pencil, to start with.

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