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Montegrappa Fortuna Credo

Montegrappa Fortuna Credo

Fortuna - The Goddess of Fortune. Ancient Romans believed she was the personification of luck, both good and bad. Montegrappa believe that luck is acutely linked to virtue, and that handwriting is an indispensible function, even in today’s modern, digitized society.

Montegrappa say: “For this reason, we have created the Fortuna collection, with an eye to those who still indulge in the pleasure of writing. It is our wish that these pens will engender the good luck that they deserve.”

Montegrappa have engendered each of the Fortuna Credo pens with the themes of the four great monotheistic religions which succeeded those of the ancient civilizations before them: Islam, Christianity, Judaism, and the Eastern Orthodox Church.

Beautifully designed and painstakingly crafted, each design is a work of art, depicting details and symbols, important to each religion, from the Star of David on the Fortuna Shema Yisrael pen, to the Olive Branch of peace, on the Fortuna Our Father Christianity pen. Each design comes in a fountain, rollerball and ballpoint.

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