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Gift Wrapping Options and Handy Hints

Here at ExecutivepensDirect we can add that special touch to your gift with our luxurious and professional gift wrapping service. We use the finest silver or gold wrapping paper (you can choose) finished off with a beautiful silver or gold ribbon tied into a bow and upon request we can also write and attach a free gift tag, great for sending your item directly to a loved one. In some instances the item you purchase may be an unusual shape. If this is the case we will use a beautiful gift bag instead of giftwrap.

To take advantage of this great service simply check the gift wrap option in the Available Options section of the product page and then enter your gift tag message in the comments box during checkout. Remember, you can send this gift direct to loved ones without giving anything away as your printed sales receipt will not be included with gift wrapped items.

If you prefer to add the personal touch yourself however, we can enclose a blank gift card which you can fill in at home. If you would also prefer to wrap the gift yourself then take a look at our handy guide to wrapping the perfect gift in minutes.

  1. Place the gift in the centre of a length of wrapping paper and unroll the paper so there is enough to cover the whole gift. (a small overlap is ideal for most items)

  2. Mark with a pencil, the amount of paper you will need and then cut along the drawn line.

  3. Spread the cut piece of wrapping paper on a hard surface and place the gift in the centre of the plain side of paper.

  4. Fold over the lengthwise edges of the wrapping paper around the gift and secure in place with tape.

  5. Turn the gift around so the short end it closest to you then fold the left and right edges of the paper inwards around the sides of the gift to create a flap at the top and a flap at the bottom.

  6. Fold down the flaps and trim so they perfectly align then secure in place with tape.

  7. Repeat this step for the other short side of gift.

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