Montegrappa Time&Brain

    Time&Brain is the final instalment from the collaboration between Montegrappa and neurologist, Dr. Richard Restak. It follows onwards from Brain (2013) and Memory (2016).
    The collection's timekeeping functions and references make Time&Brain a magnet for watch aficionados. However, the art of maximising the present appeals to all with an interest in time management, self-improvement and the creative process. The collection comes paired with a book that offers tools for introspection - which provides insights and ideas that become more absorbing with every use.
    The triple-section barrel refers to the three phases of time. The 3mm height of its separator ring represents three seconds - the cut off point at which all humans have a shared perception of time.
    The miniature hourglass housed within the blind cap is made of high tempered glass and measures a time span of approximately three seconds - representing the present.
    The three pillars protecting the hourglass represent stimuli, memories and focus - the cognitive processes that feed our complex interpretation of time.
    The collection is available as both a fountain and a Rollerball pen in silver and gold edition. The collection comes with limited numbers - 300 of each available in silver and 8 of each in the gold. The packaging in the limited edition collection is inspired by a clock.
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