Montegrappa Queen - A Night At The Opera

    Montegrappa pays homage to one of the greatest bands of all time - Queen by releasing the new limited edition collection of Fountain and Rollerball Pens.
    Available in two ranges - Silver Edition and Gold Edition.
    These pens are a work of art taking inspiration from the band's experiences, memories and music.
    The details reference Freddie Mercury's unmistakable stage presence; including his crown, cape and pyramid-studded armband and his iconic 'bottomless' microphone. Underneath the wings of the phoenix, the figure of two lions, a crab and two fairies represent the band members' zodiac signs arranged around a royal crown and the letter Q.
    The limited edition collection also comes with accessories and special packaging signed by band members.
    Only a limited amount of pieces available: 555 sterling silver in both fountain and Rollerball, 15 Gold Fountain Pens, 4 Gold Rollerball Pens