Montegrappa Mule Pens

    The Montegrappa Mule - hailed by the Italian pen manufacturers as a pen to raise a glass to.
    The mirror-polished copper pen is reminiscent of the vintage piping and tubing used in the production of Grappa, the local tipple that this Montegrappa pen seeks to honour.
    Available as a fountain, rollerball or ballpoint pen, there is a style to suit every type of writer and this pen is something truly bespoke. This is because as soon as you take it from the box, the copper will acquire its unique patina through your handling of it. This attractive-looking writing instrument also comes alongside a Moscow Mule inspired cocktail that contains 40° premium-quality Grappa, bergamot scents and a habanero-chilli pepper twist.
    Each purchase of the pen comes with the special cocktail recipe so you can celebrate this favourite local beverage in more than one way!
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