Faber-Castell Rollerball Pens


    Easy to write with because of their liquid ink that requires minimal pressure, Rollerballs are perfect for all writers of all abilities and Faber-Castell have a wonderful range which can suit any environment whether you choose a rollerball for professional or personal use.

    Faber-Castell’s collection of Rollerballs is perfectly varied in style, shape and the materials used meaning there are many attractive pens to appeal to different tastes. The E-motion Brown Pear Wood Rollerball pairs natural pear wood with lustrous chrome trims for a quirky looking pen that also resembles the shape of a cigar. The use of Pear wood also makes each item unique due to the natural variation of the wood.

    For those who prefer a more polished finish we have the Basic Chrome Plated and Polished Rollerball with its beautifully shiny chrome barrel and ergonomic grip it makes writing comfortable and enjoyable as it should be. Coming from Faber-Castell’s Basic range also means it is affordably priced making it a perfect everyday writer.