Conklin Mark Twain Pens


    An avid fan of the Conklin Crescent Filler in 1903, what better way to honour the man who personally endorsed this model of pen than naming a collection after him. Mark Twain loved this pen for its internal filling system and the declared it a 'profanity saver' as its crescent design ensured that it couldn't roll off the desk.

    Established in 1898 in Ohio, The Conklin Pen Company® changed writing instruments forever with the creation of this Crescent Filler which is now recognised as the world's first self-filling fountain pen. With the new Conklin Mark Twain Demonstrator pen, you can even see how much ink remains in your pen so you'll never be caught short and run out when writing down important notes or composing a love letter to your long-distance romantic interest.

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