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Executive Pens Direct is an Authorised Dealer – What does this mean to you?

Guaranteed Genuine Products – Popular brand name products are often replicated resulting in cheap imitations of lesser quality. These inferior products can be indistinguishable in appearance. Buying from an Authorized Dealer such as Executive Pens Direct is the only way to have peace of mind and to be 100% sure you are receiving the genuine item.

Valid Warranty - Manufacturers will not provide warranty service on items purchased through non-authorized dealers. In many cases the manufacturer will require the original purchase receipt. The manufacturer may require you to provide a copy of your receipt OR a valid stamped warranty.

New - Unaltered Products - Do you want an item that has been used, refurbished or even stolen? Many non-authorized dealers scratch or deface the serial numbers off their products so the origin of the piece cannot be identified.

Any authorized dealer caught participating in such actions risks losing its agency (the manufacturer will close their account), so they remove the numbers from the case to obscure the product’s history. Some Unauthorized Dealers may be selling replicas and may not even know it sometimes! Non-authorized dealers usually have multiple sources of supply, and often can't (or won’t) tell you where their own merchandise was sourced. Please ask us if you are in any doubt.

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